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Harley-Davidson Offers Helmet For Women

A Lid Just for the Ladies

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Feb. 06, 2008
Hey, ladies! We all know it's a man's world because Mr. Brown told us so, but that doesn't mean you have to wear a man-sized brain bucket. Thanks to Harley-Davidson's Motorclothes division you now have one more choice in helmets. It's called the Skyline and it's designed specifically for a woman's cranial needs.

How the Skyline Caters to Women

“We started hosting helmet seminars at dealerships, and women told us they often have to fit the helmet over more hair than man, which can leave the helmet sitting too high on the head, resulting in poor fit,” says Matt Thompson, Harley-Davidson Category Manager of Riding Gear, Leathers and Outerwear. "We determined that a woman’s helmet needs to be more adjustable both front-to-back and side-to-side."

The result is the new Skyline helmet series. It features a shell and liner that is 10 mm deeper than the standard helmet dimensions, allowing it to fit more comfortably on a women’s forehead and the back of her head, an interchangeable inner liner side panel keeps the helmet from being too loose on the sides. The panels, sold separately, simply slide and snap into the helmet liner in place of the side panels that come with the helmet. It’s available in seven different thickness sizes which can be fitted with thin pieces of foam for a customized fit, and an anti-static comfort liner to reduce “helmet hair” that often results after removing a helmet, and a “pony tail notch” to provide extra room through a special cut-out section in the back.

"Customized helmet fit also is a primary consideration for all riders," adds Thompson. “Correct fit is necessary in order for a helmet to function properly. Now, women riders can customize this important piece of head gear to their unique needs, not only for a more comfortable fit, but for ideal performance as well.

Skyline Helmet

½ Helmet style 98238-08VW

¾ Helmet style 98239-08VW

MSRP: $150

MSRP: $195

Color: Gloss Black

Available in sizes 2XS to 2XL

Deeper shell and liner than standard helmet to fit a women’s head contours and hair

Interchangeable inner liner side panel allows proper helmet fit and comfort

Antistatic liner and ponytail cutout section