2011 MV Agusta 1090R Announced in Canada

But will the 921cc version remain?

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Apr. 07, 2011
MV Agusta Canada has revealed a new lower-spec version of the Brutale 1090RR as part of its 2011 lineup.

The new 2011 MV Agusta Brutale 1090R is the second model revealed by the Italian manufacturers Canadian importer Motovan has announced a new model ahead of its parent company. Late in 2010, Motovan revealed a 921cc version of the Brutale ahead of MV Agustas official announcement.

Oddly enough however, MV Agusta Canada is no longer listing the 921cc Brutale, raising the question of whether the 1090R is a second new model or if it is replacing the previously announced 921cc version. This is possible, as MV Agusta has never actually identified the 921cc in the models title, calling it simply the Brutale instead of the Brutale 920. Has MV Agusta decided offer the 1090R instead?

MV Agusta will likely have an official announcement in the next few days to answer that question. MV Agustas international website still lists the 921cc version, so for now we will assume the 1090R is the fourth member of the MV Agustas Brutale family, joining the 921, 990R and 1090RR.

2011 MV Agusta Brutale

As its name implies, the MV Agusta Brutale 1090R is a lower-spec version of the 1090RR. MV Agusta Canada has the 1090R priced at CN$16,695, making it CN$2,300 less expensive than the CN$18,995 Brutale 1090RR. The 1090R uses the same 1078cc four-cylinder engine claiming 144.2 hp at 10,300rpm and 82.6 ft-lb. at 8100rpm. The fact the two models are using the same engine may lead some credence to the theory the 921cc version has been canned; its probably more cost-efficient for a company of MV Agustas size to re-use the 1078cc engine in a lower-spec model than to offer a new 921cc engine just for one model. Both models are equipped with an eight-level traction control. The 1090R will not have the 1090RRs slipper clutch however.

The 1090Rs chassis is similar to the 1090RR and the 990R, with similar geometry. The frame is a MAG-welded steel trellis instead of the 1090RRs TIG-welded chromium molybdenum steel trellis.

The MV Agusta Brutale 1090R will also be slightly smaller than the 1090RR, with a length of 80.51 inches compared to the Brutale 1090RRs 82.36 inches. The seat height is slightly lower at 32.48 inches (compared as opposed to 32.68 inches) and it has less ground clearance at 5.51 inches (vs. the 1090RRs 5.91 inches). The 1090R is listed as being about half an inch wider however at 30.51 inches compared to the 1090RRs 29.92-inch width and both claim a dry weight of 418.9 pounds.

MV Agusta designed a new steering head for the 1090R, promising optimized rigidity. Suspension valving is also said to be softer and smoother. The front suspension offers 125mm of travel compared to the 1090RRs 130mm, while the rear suspension only offers adjustable rebound damping and spring preload compared to the 1090RRs fully adjustable system.

The Brutale 1090R will use Brembo racing brakes, but not the 1090RRs aluminum monobloc brakes. The 1090R also uses cast aluminum alloy wheels instead of the RRs forged rims.

American pricing and availability has not been announced but Canadians can expect to see the 2011 MV Agusta Brutale 1090R this summer with a ticket price of CN$16,695.

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