2023 MV Agusta Ampelio First Look

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

An e-scooter with a foot planted in both the future and the past

While many riders think of MV Agusta as solely being focused on high performance motorcycles, a quick look through the internet time machine will reveal MV scooters in the 1950s. A closer inspection will reveal a family resemblance to the 2023 MV Agusta Ampelio unveiled today in Milan. Drawing on inspiration from the CGT and Ovunque scooters of the past, MV had Russian designer Maksim Ponomarev interpret the 70 year old models with a modern flair, and once viewed by MV Agusta CEO Timur Sardarov, the project was undertaken.

Although MV Agusta had the desire to develop this idea to its present form, the company felt it needed a partner in the scooter space with the experience and production quality to collaborate with on the e-scooter. Kymco, which had introduced the S7 e-scooter at last year’s EIMCA, was chosen as the partner with the ideal basis for the Ampelio’s design. The deciding features of the S7 contributing to the decision was the “adult” dimensions of the riding position and the two removable 1.7 kWh Ionex batteries, delivering a range in excess of 53 miles. Additionally, the motor is rated at 4.1 kW, with a peak output of 7.2 kW. The resulting package tips the scales at 267 lb. ready to roll. MV Agusta claims that the placement of the batteries doesn’t compromise the under-seat storage.

The designers foresee two riding modes, normal and sport. Combined braking and ABS are currently under evaluation. Still, riders should expect a thoroughly modern platform with keyless ignition and accessories for urban and commuter riders.

When choosing a name for the e-scooter, MV Agusta looked both to the past and the future. The A comes from the A on the back of the 50s scooters, while the rest of the name is nod to electrical amperes. So, while acknowledging the silhouette of the past, the MV Agusta Ampelio moves squarely into the future of urban electric mobility.

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Evans Brasfield
Evans Brasfield

Like most of the best happenings in his life, Evans stumbled into his motojournalism career. While on his way to a planned life in academia, he applied for a job at a motorcycle magazine, thinking he’d get the opportunity to write some freelance articles. Instead, he was offered a full-time job in which he discovered he could actually get paid to ride other people’s motorcycles – and he’s never looked back. Over the 25 years he’s been in the motorcycle industry, Evans has written two books, 101 Sportbike Performance Projects and How to Modify Your Metric Cruiser, and has ridden just about every production motorcycle manufactured. Evans has a deep love of motorcycles and believes they are a force for good in the world.

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  • Imtoomuch Imtoomuch on Nov 08, 2022

    Good looking scooter, but electric power makes it an automatic pass. It has a claimed range of 53 miles which means it'll probably be more like 40. Add to that a price that will almost certainly be more than a gas scooter and you can see the obvious answer here. Stick with ICE. Or get a Grom if you just want it for fun.

    It also sucks that MV is partnering with Kymco. This is just giving more steam to Chinese vehicle manufacturers. We don't want them to takeover.

    Didn't Kymco make KTM engines at one point? If so, MV partnering with Kymco after the KTM investment would make it even more convenient for the companies involved.

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  • Ottoabies Ottoabies on Nov 10, 2022

    Q: Why "Ampelio"?
    A: Ampelio Macchi Appointed to the Position of COO
    S: https://www.mvagusta.com/ne...