2022 Indian Scout Rogue Confirmed by NHTSA

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

New Scout Bobber variant on the way

VIN information submitted by Indian Motorcycle confirm it is set to add a new Scout Rogue model to its 2022 lineup. The Scout Rogue will be based on the Scout Bobber and will be available with either with the larger 1133cc engine or the 1000cc “Sixty” engine.

We first reported that Indian filed trademarks for the Scout Rogue name last April, but we had few firm details about what to expect, or when it will be revealed.

VIN decoder information submitted to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration added the new Rogue variants to its Scout range for 2022. The listed model names confirm the Scout Rogue and Scout Rogue Sixty, both available with or without ABS.

The “M” in the VIN’s fourth position indicates Indian’s midsize models. The “S” in position #5 is for the regular Scout chassis while the “T” denotes Scout Bobber chassis. The sixth VIN character marks the specific variant models. The seventh and eighth digits represent the engine and horsepower figures, with “00” for the 1133cc (claiming 100 hp) engine and “11” for the 1000cc (claiming 78 hp) engine. These last two VIN characters confirm that the Rogue models will have the same state of tune as the other Scouts.

Compared to the regular Scout, the Indian Scout Bobber has a single seat, lower suspension, underslung mirrors, a bobbed rear fender and a side-mount license plate holder. It’s unclear how much of this will be retained on the Scout Rogue.

What we don’t know is how the Scout Rogue will look and how it will differ from the Bobber models. The shared body style suggests the Scout Rogue will have the Bobber’s lower suspension and single seat. That likely rules out mid foot control placements, as the reduced height would assuredly require forward controls.

The VIN decoder reveals another interesting tidbit for Indian’s Scout line-up: that some models will be produced in Vietnam. The 11th VIN character denotes the assembly plant for all of Indian’s models. In previous model years, the Scout models were produced in two locations, Spirit Lake, Iowa (represented by a “3” in the 11th VIN position) and Opole, Poland (represented by a “4”). For 2022, the Scout models list a third assembly plant, with a “6” indicating models assembled in Vietnam. Polaris Industries currently has a joint venture with a supplier in Vietnam to produce various components, but as yet there has been no official confirmation that any models will be assembled there. We suspect Polaris will soon announce plans to build Scout models for the Asian market in Vietnam.

Only the Scout range list Vietnam as a possible assembly location. The Thunderstroke and PowerPlus models only list Spirit Lake, while the FTR range list Spirit Lake and Opole as possible assembly locales.

The Scout Rogue models aren’t the only new Indians coming for 2022. As we previously reported, the PowerPlus-powered Challenger will be joined by a new Pursuit model in Dark Horse and Limited variants. We suspect Indian will officially announce the Pursuit and Scout Rogue models in the next month or so.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Starmag Starmag on Jan 05, 2022

    Indian and Harley know something I do not. Fat tires, no suspension travel, and forward controls. Apparently there is a lot of people who want that. The new Sportster S is very similar to this. Both seem to have great engines though.

  • FXDR131 FXDR131 on Jan 09, 2022

    It's already a fantastic bike for the money. Nothing wrong with adding more HP.