Kyle Katsandris is quickly becoming an internet sensation after posting the video below. What’s so special about the it? Oh nothing – just the fact that Katsandris jumped across a California freeway in broad daylight. To save you the suspense, yes, he landed successfully and no, nobody was harmed in the process. In fact, we wonder how many car drivers below, droning along on the empty freeway, even noticed the second or two there was a man flying over them on a dirt bike.

Nonetheless, the potentially dangerous stunt and the accompanying video is sparking an outcry and local authorities are investigating to determine further action. Considering the video is posted to Katsandris’s own social media channels, it shouldn’t be too hard to track him down. It’s only a matter of time before we post an update on Katsandris’s legal proceedings. In the meantime, enjoy the video. And before you ask, we have no idea why it was recorded in such low quality.