2014 EICMA: 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 Preview

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Yamaha revealed a new sport-tourer based on its three-cylinder FZ platform called the FJ-09 (or if you’re in Europe, the MT-09 Tracer). Slotting in beneath the FJR1300, the FJ-09 will arrive in U.S. showrooms in December carrying a $10,490 price tag.

Of course, the FJ-09’s existance shouldn’t be a surprise to MO readers after a series of leaks from trademark applications, patent filings, CARB certifications and a leaked photo. Finally, we can report on the technical details.

The layered fairing is designed to offer wind protection and aerodynamic efficiency without too much wind noise. The fairing also holds the twin LED headlights built into reflector lenses that can be adjusted without tools.

The adjustability theme continues elsewhere on the FJ-09. The windscreen is adjustable without tools to three different heights set 15mm apart to suit riders of different heights. The seat can also be adjusted to either a 33.3-inch or 33.9-inch seat height while the tapered handlebars are adjustable up to 10mm.

The engine is based on the FZ-09’s 847cc Triple, claiming 113 hp at 10000 rpm and 64.5 lb-ft. at 8500 rpm. Yamaha developed three selectable ride modes specific to the FJ-09 for different riding characteristics. Also new to the FJ-09 is a switchable traction control system.

Yamaha equipped the FJ-09 with a large multi-function dot matric display separated into two screens. The left screen offers the speedometer and tachomoter while the smaller right screen shows the selected gear, odometer, trip meter and fuel consumption.

From the frame down, the FJ-09 is nearly identical to the FZ-09. The aluminum die cast frame is the same as the one introduced in the FZ-09, promising low weight and responsive handling. The suspension is also the same as the FJ’s, with a 41mm fork offering 5.4 inches of travel up front and a rear monoshock with 5.1-inches of give. Both front and rear suspension offer adjustable preload and rebound damping.

The FJ-09 however adds anti-lock brakes, a center stand and more touring-suitable tires (120/70 ZR17 at the front, 180/55 ZR17 at the rear). Other touring-oriented upgrades include a larger tank (4.8 gallons compared to 3.7 gallons on the FZ-09), a 12V electric outlet and luggage mounts. Yamaha claims a wet weight of 462 pounds.

The 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 will be offered in two colors: Matte Gray and Candy Red. In Europe, the color options are Matte Gray, Lava Red and Race Blu.

Follow the rest of our 2014 EICMA Show coverage for more information on new 2015 motorcycle announcements.

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • Wraith Wraith on Nov 05, 2014

    This is the only article I've seen with the white/blue color combination. It looks great! Does anyone know if that's going to be an available color?

  • Rick Vera Rick Vera on Nov 05, 2014

    While you folks were off at EICMA, Kawasaki has released the MSRPs of their Versyses (Versi?). The Versys 650 LT runs for $8,699 while they are asking $12,799 for the 1000 LT. Also, earlier today Yamaha released their accessories with pricing for FJ-09. To bring the FJ-09 up to spec with the LT crowd, Yamaha bags ($532.99 × 2), mounting hardware ($93.99), and rack ($170.99) brings the $10,490 FJ-09 up to $11,813. It doesn't exactly split the difference between the two Kawasakis, but it's close enough.

    I am extremely interested in seeing if the FJ has improved on the many FZ faults—cam chain tensioner, underdamped springs, and poor fuel mapping—and how the bike stands up to the competition from Kawi. Visually, I am preferring the Kawasakis a bit more. I think the the lack of fairing around the Yamaha headlights look a bit Triumph goofy. With that, things only get worse when you add a bigger screen ( https://www.yamahapartsanda...|235). That's pretty dorky looking to me. I also like the painted KQR bags over the non-painted FJ-09 panniers.

    However, Yamaha's ready-to-ride weight of 462lbs is quite promissing. Even adding ~30lbs of aforementioned doo-dads, the Yamaha comes in at the same weight as the Versys 650 LT and ~75lbs under the 1000 LT.

    Until then, I am endlessly (and uselessly) conjecturing different scenarios and outcomes with my friends. Please do a comparison of these bikes soon so I can resume my normal life functions. Thanks!

    Edit: Also, Suzuki's pricing once again seems too high with their $13,999 V-Strom 1000 Adventure, no? They brought the price down of their SFV650 (Gladius) when the FZ-09 hit the market, and they may have to do it again with the prices we see from Kawasaki.