Hunwick Hallam Debuts Its BOSS PowerCruiser -

Ken Edwards
by Ken Edwards

Australian Superbike manufacturer Hunwick Hallam has announced details of its stunning BOSS PowerCruiser prototype.

The pioneering Australian marque's debut machine is set to take street cruisers to a new plane - in terms of styling and design as well as performance.

The first of three debut models to wear the Hunwick Hallam badge, the BOSS PowerCruiser is propelled by a 1350cc version of Hunwick Hallam's own V-Power, fuel injected, eight valve, DOHC, 90-degree V-twin. In its PowerCruiser guise, the ultra-modern, short-stroke, Axial Targeted Combustion, air/liquid-cooled powerplant is claimed to produce in excess of 100 horsepower -- despite a very mild state of tune.

hunwick hallam debuts its boss powercruiser motorcycle com
Already, racing versions of the same power plant are producing over 160 hp per liter. Designed to take the street cruiser concept into the next century, the Hunwick Hallam BOSS PowerCruiser has been designed from HH's first principles concept. That is, while some motorcycles are designed in isolation as a powerplant and chassis, HH has treated the motorcycle as one component. As such, the HH design sees its engine act as the major chassis component, eliminating the need for a conventional frame. The BOSS PowerCruiser's cast-alloy steering head, rear sub-assembly and rear swingarm bolt directly to the central engine-transmission unit. So too does its rear suspension componentry - Hunwick Hallam's own rising rate asymmetric RamRoc monoshock system.

Hunwick Hallam's engine/chassis design offers weight reduction and packaging benefits as well as facilitating production savings and easing routine maintenance. Visually however, the benefit of this approach is clear. The visual aspect of the Hunwick Hallam design is that the PowerCruiser is almost elemental in its appearance. Wheels, engine and controls -- nothing ancillary.

hunwick hallam debuts its boss powercruiser motorcycle com
In this respect, the BOSS PowerCruiser is a hint of things to come.

It certainly breaks the 'in vogue' cruiser mold. Like the prototype, the production BOSS PowerCruiser will use top level componentry: Fully adjustable Dutch-made WP suspension units, and braking via Brembo componentry. Road and track testing of the PowerCruiser have already indicated good handling characteristics.

Indeed, could the HH PowerCruiser deliver handling characteristics more akin to a conventional sportbike? This ability, while not detracting from the traditional attraction of cruisers, has the added bonus of appealing to riders who have been frustrated by the poor dynamic performance of the current crop of cruisers. Hunwick Hallam claims the BOSS PowerCruiser promises 50 percent more power than its opposition, while boasting a 50 percent weight advantage in the cruiser arena.

hunwick hallam debuts its boss powercruiser motorcycle com
At this stage it is anticipated that the BOSS PowerCruiser will commence production in 1998. Currently, the company is negotiating with venture capital partners and is in discussions with State Government bodies regarding the establishment of its manufacturing facility. Since the venture was made public with release of details of the new powerplant in January, interest at both business and end-user levels has been promising.
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