Energica Ego Corsa MotoE Racebike - Video Review

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

Probably the closest I'll get to being a MotoGP racer

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With the whole world largely on hold for the foreseeable future thanks to the Coronavirus, we finally have time to revisit some projects that have been sitting on the back burner. In this case, the Energica Ego Corsa MotoE racer. If you remember, I wrote some words about the bike and my experience riding it, but never got around to posting the video. Several reasons factor into this: the holidays, other projects, procrastination, and just life in general pushing the ball down the road one more day. But the big reason this video comes to you so late is the fact I wasn’t able to get as much footage as I would have liked.

It seems like forever ago now, but back in November 2019 I found myself in Valencia, Spain for the MotoGP season finale. The day after, Energica invited a select group of people to take a MotoE racer for a spin. The day was a large game of “hurry up and wait,” which is actually fairly common at these things. With the downtime I found myself with plenty of time to get my camera gear ready, but once it was time to ride everything moved quickly, including the seven-odd laps I got, before it was time to pack up and go back to the hotel for an early morning flight home.

My point is that I never got the opportunity to properly film my impressions and closing thoughts about the bike, and all this time since, I’ve been figuring out what to do. I couldn’t exactly grab one stateside and wax poetic about it, hence the reason this video is slightly different from past video reviews. Nonetheless, the Ego Corsa is a really interesting motorcycle to dissect, and though my time on it was limited, we felt it was still relevant to bring this video review to you – however late – because emerging technologies deserve the attention.

Does it help that the MotoGP schedule in 2020 has been thrown into a frenzy due to Coronavirus? In this case, yes! Whenever the MotoE schedule does resume, I think this will be a good reference point to see where the series heads in the future.

Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

Troy's been riding motorcycles and writing about them since 2006, getting his start at Rider Magazine. From there, he moved to Sport Rider Magazine before finally landing at Motorcycle.com in 2011. A lifelong gearhead who didn't fully immerse himself in motorcycles until his teenage years, Troy's interests have always been in technology, performance, and going fast. Naturally, racing was the perfect avenue to combine all three. Troy has been racing nearly as long as he's been riding and has competed at the AMA national level. He's also won multiple club races throughout the country, culminating in a Utah Sport Bike Association championship in 2011. He has been invited as a guest instructor for the Yamaha Champions Riding School, and when he's not out riding, he's either wrenching on bikes or watching MotoGP.

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  • Sayyed Bashir Sayyed Bashir on Mar 18, 2020

    Troy, good review! It doesn't look like you left anything out. Why bikes come back from the race with 40% battery left? Because it takes a long time to charge them back up in case they have to go out again. FP1, FP2, FP3, FP4, Q1, Q2, Race, Also some tracks are longer than others and the number of laps are different. They probably designed for the worst case.

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    • Sayyed Bashir Sayyed Bashir on Mar 18, 2020

      Wow! Your comment is longer than your article :)

      A 20KWh battery will probably take an hour and a half to charge on Level 3 DC fast charging. With 40% left, the charging time will be only 50 minutes which would help with track days. But you are right. Reducing the battery by 40% would make a huge difference in weight. The only thing I don't know is if they will increase the number of laps next season and the bikes are designed for that and this year was just a test season.

  • BigPoppa BigPoppa on Mar 18, 2020

    I've got a local Energica dealer. I bought an EsseEsse9 last year and am currently waiting on a Ribelle to arrive.