People love their Honda Groms and Kawasaki Z125s; now Benelli wants some o’ that action with its new TnT135. Some of Benelli’s bigger bikes, like the TnT300, were closer to our pleasure center than others (TnT600)… but then we were really pleasantly surprised by SSR Motorsports’ (the US importer) Razzkull 125 a couple years ago.

The new TnT 135 is not that bike, but it shares some similar upscale componentry including a steel trellis frame, robust inverted fork, tricky exhaust, nice castings – all of it designed in Italy but built in China. It’s also powered by a 4-valve, dual-plug thumper that’s supposed to put out more power than its Japanese competition, and the price is right too. SSR says things stacks up thusly:


We’re also sporting all LED lighting, 12-inch wheels, an oil cooler, oil filter and a sight glass, ECU by Delphi, front and rear suspension travel of 120 and 126mm and a pair of disc brakes. What more do you need?

The specs say 11.3 horses at 8500 rpm, but for this kind of money you may as well press on to 10,000 and see what happens? Or wait till we get one to test and we’ll let you know.

More info over here at SSR Motorsports site.

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