Hubert Kriegel: Circling The Globe By Sidecar For Over A Decade

Tom Roderick
by Tom Roderick
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Hubert (pronounced U-bear) Kriegel is a Paris-born, Los Angeles-to-New York transplant who left the Big Apple in February 2005 on a road trip that’s yet to end. Twenty-sixteen marks Hubert’s 12th year circling the globe by sidecar. Hubert’s ridden his Ural to more than 100 countries and circled the globe 3 times. Most recently he visited the Himalayas to ride the highest road in the world.

hubert kriegel circling the globe by sidecar for over a decade, The peak of Khardungla Pass in the Himalayas elevation 18 380 ft
The peak of Khardungla Pass in the Himalayas, elevation 18,380 ft.

Hubert’s experiences are too many to list here, but his website,, contains stories, photos and videos of his endless travel. If ever you wanted to travel vicariously, Hubert’s website is a great place to do so. The photos range from intimate to astounding while the experiences are almost always intoxicating. Hubert also provides wannabe world travelers some very functional information (see image below).

hubert kriegel circling the globe by sidecar for over a decade, There s a reason it s called a headlight grill Brilliant
There’s a reason it’s called a headlight grill. Brilliant!

“Selling everything I had in 2005 to go travel around the world on my sidecar was the best decision I ever made in my life,” Hubert says in his latest blog post from February 16, 2016, the date commemorating the 11th anniversary of his adventure. Having crossed the highest road in the world, Hubert is leaving India for New Zealand. If you’d like to contact Hubert and meet up when he comes through your part of the world he can be reached at

Tom Roderick
Tom Roderick

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  • JerryMander JerryMander on Feb 17, 2016

    That closeup of his face is really how I picture all the writers here

  • JWaller JWaller on Feb 18, 2016

    And people questioned my decision to get a Ural. It's not elegant. It's not sophisticated. But it's reliable enough and stone axe simple.