Riding a 250cc motorcycle on open roads can sometimes be depressing, as YouTuber 2WheelAssault can attest to. Every rider wants to wick it up a little when open stretches of tarmac present themselves, and 250 riders can find themselves wringing their bike’s necks only to look down and see 80 mph on the speedo. If you’re like 2WheelAssault and find yourself on a Honda Rebel 250 then the circumstances get even worse, as you’ll be lucky to even see 80 mph. Meanwhile, those around you on sportbikes (and nearly everything else) will come blazing past.

In less than 90 seconds, 2WheelAssault nicely captures the feelings 250 riders face in the video below. Be sure to watch to the end though, as even small bike riders can claim little victories when the stars line up just right.