The RSD Moto Bay Classic Photo Recap

Brent Jaswinski
by Brent Jaswinski

Roland Sands and his crew sure know how to throw one hell of a party

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

– Steve Jobs

These were the words that started Apple’s Think Different campaign back in 1997, and although this statement wasn’t originally directed at or in reference to motorcycling, Roland Sands, or his team at Roland Sands Design, or the Moto Bay Classic, we don’t deny that those words can’t be applied to other thinkers and creators of various disciplines – especially in our world, the motorcycling world.

What started out as a crazy idea from the RSD team to bring together a variety of moto-centric activities and racing all under one roof, with all sorts of motorcycling counterculture, live music, custom bikes, and art, has developed into a series of Moto Classic Events. This past weekend hosted the inaugural Moto Bay Classic, featuring a plethora of various motorcycle flat track racing, a Police Skills Competition, Cops vs. Hooligans Gymkhana race, Round 6 of the Super Hooligans National Championship, a stunt show and much, much more.

Roland Sands and his team at RSD are definitely thinking outside the box and breaking the mold when it comes to throwing and promoting moto-centric events, racing, and festivals. They’re pushing the boundaries and creating new ones, all while providing exciting forms of motorcycle entertainment for the masses – all in an effort to raise awareness and bring different worlds of motorcycling and motorcycle culture together. That, and to have a little fun in the process…

I’d love to go into detail and tell you all about everything that happened this past Saturday on Pier 32 in San Francisco underneath the legendary Bay Bridge, but kind of like that epic party you missed, you just had to be there to witness it all for yourself. Instead, we understand that not everybody can be everywhere all the time, let alone travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to be there, so we compiled a photo essay of what went down – more or less…


The man with the plan himself, Roland Sands, taking a couple of the ladies for a ride on The Squatch, a custom-built ATV. He was ripping that thing all over the place all day long.
Of course it does some pretty epic wheelies, too. Dozens of people got to go squatchin’ as passengers – so fun!
It was radical to see the cops perform in the Police Skills Competition. Here’s Officer Mean Muggin’ bobbing and weaving through the cones. These are not cops you want to run from.
Except maybe from this guy… Just kidding, don’t run from the cops, unless you’re sure you can get away. Kidding!
Tallboy, a stunt rider from Arizona, can ride a Harley-Davidson (or any motorcycle for that matter) like you’ve never seen before. He is a madman. Not only did he complete the Police Skills Competition course, but he drifted his way around just about every cone and obstacle – insane! He definitely stole the show.
It’s rare you see hooligans chasing the cops. Usually it’s the other way around.
Showing them cones who’s boss.
There was also a course set up for the kids where they could ride Stacyc bikes, electric-powered balance bikes that allow the youngsters to practice balance, turning, throttle control, and braking in preparation before riding real motorcycles.
This guy actually had some serious skills. It’s Kruz Maddison, Robbie Maddison’s son. He was backing it into corners better than half the guys racing! Keep an eye out for this kid in the future, he’s going to be a ripper for sure.
Of course, there was also a custom-built bike show, too, with all sorts of different motorcycles. Here’s a 2015 Ducati Scrambler (no, not a KTM, look closely) custom built by Untitled Motorcycles.
Here’s a 2014 BMW R nineT built by JSK Moto Co. They call it “Project Autobahn Streak.”
A Ducati 1198RS built in Woolie’s Workshop by Michael Woolaway. The frame, swingarm and engine cases are from a Hypermotard, and the rest you see is totally custom. He raced it up Pikes Peak, too!
A 1980 twin turbo BMW R100 built by Boxer Metal. So gnarly.
A raced-out KTM 690 Duke. Pretty neat.
A 1991 Ducati 900SS built by Lossa Engineering.
An old H-D Ironhead XR750-powered tracker in the Super Hooligan pits. It didn’t race, though. Crashing this baby would have been a shame!
The Stunt Show was smokey indeed and here’s Tallboy again trying a burnout-wheelie, where he tried to wheelie with the rear tire spinning, all while not trying to loop out. This guy’s skills are unreal.
He even drifted slideways around the entire flat track course (which of course was asphalt, but still a ton of fun to race on).
Roger from Straight Up San Jose burning it ’til she pops!
Tallboy once again showing us mortals how it’s done.
My friend Jimmy Burnouts (wonder how he got that name?) showing the crowd a big-wheel bagger can roast the tires, too.
Originally a Street Glide, it’s now aptly named the “Slide Glide.”
Careful not to go over the edge there, Aaron. There’s sharks in there…
Ahh, yes, the Police Skills Competition Race. RSD’s Cam Brewer taking an inside line on our friend Nathon Verdugo.
Got ’em! Sometimes it’s nice to be small…
Nathon wasn’t having it, though.
And Cam ended up paying for it a couple cones later.
Cam again seeking some redemption against the cops in the Cops vs. Hooligans Gymkhana Race.
In a best two out of three race format, Cam won not once…
But twice in a row! Hell yeah, Cam! Showing the cops who’s boss on a Honda CT70.
Eat my dust! The CT70 that Cam is riding is actually Aaron Colton’s, and Aaron saw it on the side of the road and bought it for $700 bucks on his way up to San Fran. How cool is that?
One of my RSD Super Hooligan teammates, Jordan Graham, taking on a policeman. He lost… But it was mostly due to the fact that he didn’t have a front brake.
Aaron Colton again, doing a rolling burnout through the Gymkhana course.
And of course there was flat track racing, too. There were various classes, and here’s a snag from the “Run What Ya Brung” class. The guy on the scooter actually won!
More “Run What Ya Brung” action.
Some more of my RSD Super Hooligan teammates, Robbie Maddison (122) and Jordan Graham (47) getting staged for a race. That’s the San Francisco Bay in the background.
Your Super Hooligans Main Event winner and last year’s champion, Andy DiBrino, taking the win yet again. This guy is fast on a motorcycle, let me tell you. He races Super Hooligans, MotoAmerica, American Flat Track and even qualified for a Lucas Oil Pro Motocross race last month at Washougal. It’s pretty cool to share the track with this guy.
Andy DiBrino and second place runner-up, Robert Bush goofin’ on the podium.
Your Super Hooligans Main Event podium finishers: Andy DiBrino (1) – First Place, Robert Bush (40) – Second, and Mikey Hill (963) – Third.
That’s a wrap on the racing. The whole event took place right next to AT&T Park, where the San Francisco Giants play, on Pier 32, under the Bay Bridge with the city skyline in the background. What an epic location to host an event.
The RSD Super Hooligan pit. Racing flat track on big bikes like these is too much fun!
A Redondo Beach PD Africa Twin custom-built by RSD. Look forward to a future story when we actually get to ride this thing!
All business. No messing around here.
There was also a motorcycle art exhibit with painted gas tanks, photos, paintings and all sorts of creative ideas.
Some cool coffee cup stain drawings by Carter Asmann.
All the photos of American Flat Track racer Brad Baker pictured here were taken by Erik Jutras, and all the proceeds went straight to Brad and his family as he recovers from a crash that sent bone fragments into his spinal cord. #BulletStrong
The Super Hooligan National Championship Round 6 trophy presentation before the Eagles of Death Metal wrapped up the night.
The Eagles of Death Metal rocked the house to wrap up the Moto Bay Classic.
Of course, in typical San Francisco fashion, the fog rolled in, but thankfully it was right as EoDM finished their set. Quite good timing, actually. And that’s a wrap!
Brent Jaswinski
Brent Jaswinski

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    So when is it next year? I live in SF and heard absolutely nothing about it until reading your article. Sucks for me...

    • Brent Jaswinski Brent Jaswinski on Aug 22, 2018

      I would imagine around the same time. We had an article announcing it a little while back, but we'll definitely have something up again for it next summer. If you're in the area or willing to make the trip, RSD is hosting the Moto Beach Classic October 27-28th in Huntington Beach.

  • Daniel Benjamin Daniel Benjamin on Aug 25, 2018

    Aaron Colton is a magician