When it comes to the motorcycle chase scene of an Action/Adventure film through the metropolitan center of some foreign country the close calls and near misses are what makes the scene so breathtaking. Reality, however, exposes that bad guys don’t possess the same motorcycle skillset as they do in the movies. Go figure. Some helmet cam footage from São Paulo’s R.O.C.A.M. division provides some real-world footage of motorcycle chase scenes.


Apparently, these R.O.C.A.M. guys are pretty damn good riders!

After conducting some light, deep investigative research it’s come to be revealed that  R.O.C.A.M. (Rondas Ostensivas Com Apoio de Motocicletas) is the badass motorcycle division of São Paulo’s 1st Shock Police Battalion (Google translation). Created in 1982, R.O.C.A.M. uses motorcycles in lieu of four-wheelers to better chase the bad guys into hostile terrain. The small-displacement bikes decrease response time by allowing police to overcome obstacles and filter through city congestion in their pursuit of apprehending criminals.  

Not sure why in most of these videos the criminals are riding two-up on one bike; a passenger is only going to slow down the getaway. Guess it doesn’t matter where you live, criminals are generally not very bright. Note the lack of protective gear. Someone needs to tell them to steal a helmet before stealing the bike.