Proof You Don't Need a Car to Be a Jerk

John Burns
by John Burns

I think if you’re going to be lollygagging along on Mulholland Highway shooting videos and not paying attention, then you probably shouldn’t get too upset if somebody in a hurry passes you around the outside. The guy doing the passing on the KTM bagger is former Cycle magazine hero Ken Vreeke, writer of such epic tales as Growing Up Squidly, The Hickman Haul-Ass Club and many other ripping yarns. No idea who Snowcat87 is, other than somebody who makes me glad I’m still holding off on the helmet communicator.

See it all here.

John Burns
John Burns

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  • Brandon Brandon on Dec 13, 2016

    Why can't this dumb F*** wait until the straight stretches? Obviously snowcat didn't see him coming around the corner and it probably scared him. There's no need to be hating on snowcat because this other guy just writes books? Wow impressive. Not like a first grader can't write a book.

  • Ryan Price Ryan Price on Mar 23, 2017

    You might hate snowcat but he's right. This is extremely dangerous and illegal. The KTM rider has no ideas what line the next rider is going to take. Go a bit wide because you don't expect another bike in your lane and that's it. Both bikes go down. If you have to illegally pass on a double yellow, do it on a straightway. He should know better as a seasoned rider. I would be pissed too. Passes the next rider on the inside?! Guy is a dick.