MO Builds Its Own Motorcycle!

John Burns
by John Burns

Okay, yeah, this isn’t really us. The people who built the Rover Imperial brought way more mechanical skill to the table than most of us MOrons are capable of, and they started doing it in 1902. From sandcasting the cylinders to getting both sick air and sideways on the shake-down run (and annoying pedestrians), it’s all here in this amazing ten-minute vid from the Isle of Man official page – minus the ATGATT, since ATG had not yet been conceived of. Behold also the child labor, and marvel that the production of an entire motorcycle didn’t even require all that many tools. We’ve come a long way. Here’s to the people who built Rover Imperial, not to the mention the videographer who lugged God-only-knows how many pounds of gear around to document it all.

John Burns
John Burns

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