According to the story in Rimini Today, the 31-year old driver of the car that hit Hayden last May is off to prison for a year, pending further appeals, will pay court costs and lose his license. That driver, a 31-year old identified only as being from Morciano, was reportedly going just over 70 kph in a 50 kph zone (42 mph in a 30) in his Renault when the collision occurred. It might’ve gone worse for the driver, though, if the court had not found Hayden also negligent. The court found Nicky had rolled through a stop sign on his bicycle at about 20 kph (12 mph) when he was struck, and assigned him 30% of responsibility for the crash. Italian law requires a criminal investigation any time there’s a fatality as a result of a crash.

Defense attorneys and the judge both referred to the accident as a tragedy for both families affected. Relatives of the Kentucky Kid, who was training near Rimini and in his second year riding for Red Bull Honda in World Superbike, had also filed a civil lawsuit seeking 6 million Euro. So the whole tragic saga is not over yet.

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