Merry Christmas from 2008! Remember this commercial from Harley-Davidson? It’s the ghost of Christmas past coming to visit. Best Wishes and Happy New Year to you and yours from the MO crew. See ya in 2017.

Harley-Davidson Christmas Commercial

Have you been naughty or nice?

By Dustin Woods Dec. 19, 2008

Every year it seems that newspaper advertisements, radio and TV commercials for Christmas start earlier and earlier. As soon as the sun begins to set on Halloween, department stores begin packing shelves and websites start stocking inventory in preparation for the impending feeding frenzy that will occur for the most commercial of holidays next to valentine’s day.

While spending the holiday with family normally keeps me blitzed off eggnog and most of these aforementioned advertisements are enough to make me want to book a cruise for an entire fortnight at the end of December, this one commercial for Harley-Davidson made me laugh. Although it may be corny as it plays with the conventions of the traditional Night Before Christmas tale, it is still worth checking out after the jump.

The thought of Santa as a leather-clad biker who haphazardly tosses bike parts around the living room and throws raw meat to the family dog may have even rejuvenated my hopes that the holiday season need not be all about whiny kids, annoying aunts and obnoxious carolers, no matter what your religion. So this holiday season why not make your own traditions – hang some mistletoe, spike the eggnog and rock out the way you want.