Akrapovic 2022 YAMAHA MT-10/FZ-10 Slip-On Line (Titanium)

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Yamaha's new MT-10 is lighter and stronger than ever, but Akrapovic can make it lighter still.and more powerful

Our favorite high-tech Slovenian pipe benders are at it again, now with a new slip-on system for Yamaha’s super-gnar 2022 MT-10 naked bike. Designed with a not-accidental resemblance to the Akrapovič exhaust for the Yamaha R1 Superbike, this new version of the EC/ECE type-approved Slip-On Line system is constructed using high-grade lightweight titanium in the link pipe, end cap, and muffler outer sleeve – which is sandblasted for an enhanced, satiny appearance.

For 2022, Yamaha says the next evolution of its 998cc CP4 crossplane four-cylinder is “the most potent and technologically advanced engine ever seen” in a Yamaha hyper-naked. Fuel injection settings have been optimized, and design of the intake and exhaust have been modified to lend the MT-10 an even torquier, more street-focused engine character.

But Akrapovič offers a way to make the bike a little more unique: Descended from Akro’s original hexagonal muffler of 17 years or so ago, the new conical muffler design represents the latest evolution, providing a sharper, racier sound and faster acceleration – while enhancing the MT-10’s already instantaneous and smooth throttle response. Producing a deep, full, and vivid sound, the Slip-On Line (Titanium) offers simple plug-and-play installation, and requires no remapping of the bike’s stock fuel injection.

As if that weren’t enough, the package includes a forged carbon-fiber heat shield, which is Akrapovič’ first use of this technology on a motorcycle system. This simple-to-install upgrade offers a new dimension to the Slip-On Line (Titanium) exhaust system. It couldn’t be much easier to fit, but once on your bike it creates a distinctive and integrated high-tech look for the entire system, and shaves about 0.3 pounds in the process.

For those dedicated track riders and racers who want to take it another step further, there’s also a titanium two-into-one link pipe that replaces the MT-10’s standard pre-muffler/catalyzer (and of course invalidates the EC/ECE type-approval certificate and makes the bike closed-course only). The link pipe removes a whopping 16 pounds from the bike, while adding a few horsepower and pound-feet of torque, but it will require remapping of the ECU.

Rounding out the new offerings for the MT, an easily removable optional Noise Damper is also available for those who want the Akrapovič look and performance with a bit less sound.

The new Slip-On Line Titanium exhaust fits the new 2022 MT-10 SP and MT-10 Tourer Edition models, and sells for around $960. Every component of every Akrapovič exhaust is mindfully designed and constructed by a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of industrial designers, and engineers. Every day their challenge is to combine technical solutions with attractive, modern, state-of-the-art next-level designs, and every day they somehow succeed, be it high-end automobile exhausts or the latest naked bike from Japan. The passion for racing is always there.


Beginning with the founding of the company in 1991 by hardcore racer Igor Akrapovič, the team has proved its worth with hundreds of championships, demonstrating on the international stage that boundaries in the design world can be broken. The shelves are filled with many impressive and prestigious honors for the ground-breaking exhausts the company has produced − including Red Dot product design awards. Akrapovič takes pride in being a technology company; even though it’s in the manufacturing field, the focus always remains on technology, and the will to succeed at the highest level of motorsport.

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  • Jonathan Justman Jonathan Justman on Mar 22, 2022

    As with the previous MT-10, this slip on is only a tiny bit louder and lighter than the stock silencer, which is also constructed of titanium from the factory. For close to a thousand bucks, you have to really like the way this looks. For any real sound and hp gains you have to go full system and re-flash, which costs $$$.

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    • Jon Jones Jon Jones on Mar 26, 2022

      I look for STOCK bikes for my collection.

      No stupid mods, please.

  • Jon Jones Jon Jones on Mar 26, 2022

    It's also OK to leave your bike alone and just ride the thing as-is.

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    • Jon Jones Jon Jones on Apr 01, 2022

      Same story here, Tweet.