Metzeler Roadtec 02 Is A Sustainable Sport-Touring Tire Staff
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All the attributes of a sport-touring tire, now made with recycled and/or natural-origin materials.

Metzeler's latest tire offering, the ROADTEC 02, is set to hit the market in January 2024, following successful final development and testing phases.

Compared to its predecessor, the ROADTEC 01, the ROADTEC 02 brings significant improvements in dynamic performance, particularly in handling and wet road behavior. These improvements are achieved through the incorporation of a high percentage of materials of natural origin and recycled materials.

The ROADTEC 02 falls under the Sport-Touring tire segment, catering to mixed sport and touring usage. However, Metzeler has pushed the boundaries by introducing what they call a "Super Sport Touring" tire. This tire combines the typical characteristics of touring tires, such as high mileage and excellent wet surface grip, with the agility and handling typically associated with super sport tires.

Designed for owners of large-displacement road motorcycles, including naked, crossover, sport tourer, and touring machines used for various types of travel, the ROADTEC 02 aims to enhance the riding experience. Its easy handling makes motorcycle riding less strenuous and improves cornering capabilities, reducing the 'straightening effect' during turns.

The new compounds in the ROADTEC 02 also reduce tire warm-up times, enhancing safety right from the start. Additionally, its performance in adverse conditions, such as cold, wet, and slippery roads, has been enhanced, ensuring a safe riding experience across a wide range of scenarios.

Overall, the ROADTEC 02 promises motorcyclists increased riding pleasure, improved performance, and enhanced safety in various operating conditions. Notably, this tire line represents Metzeler's commitment to sustainability, featuring a high percentage of materials of natural origin and recycled materials, reducing the reliance on fossil and mineral ingredients.

Francesco Pietrangeli, Metzeler Marketing Director:

“ROADTEC 02 will be a great representative of the Metzeler brand values. For us, travel is the quintessence of motorcycling to be understood as a lifestyle. We are talking to the motorcyclist who always rides, even if it's raining and cold. But also to the romantic one, hungry for adventure and experiences to tell. All without ignoring another value of primary importance for us, the quality: those who travel trust and rely on high-quality tires, safe even in rain and cold, which make riding easier and are not very tiring. ROADTEC 02 embodies all these values perfectly and does so with an eye towards the environment because it significantly reduces materials of fossil and mineral origin, focusing instead on those of natural origin or recycled."

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  • Bill Hawley Bill Hawley on Oct 10, 2023

    Best if all, they'll be LESS EXPENSIVE than the tires they'll be replacing. Sure....