New Street-focused Suzuki V-Strom 800 Variant Coming for 2024

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Non-DE variant with a 19-inch front wheel

The Suzuki V-Strom 800DE is about to get a more street-focused variant for 2024. The new model will simply be called the V-Strom 800 and will be equipped with a 19-inch front wheel instead of the 21-inch wheel on the 800DE model.

The confirmation comes to us via emissions filings with the California Air Resources Board, and vehicle homologation filings in Switzerland.

Suzuki’s CARB executive order for 2023 lists just three models using its 776cc engine, the GSX-8S, the V-Strom 800DE, and the V-Strom 800DE Adventure. For 2024, Suzuki added a third non-DE V-Strom 800 variant.

We only have to look at the larger V-Strom range to give us a clue of what to expect from the V-Strom 800. The V-Strom 1050 (non-DE) comes with a 19-inch cast wheel, shorter-travel suspension, a shorter swingarm, and a narrower handlebar.

The data from the Swiss filings would suggest the V-Strom 800 would be similar. The filings confirm a 19-inch front wheel, with a 110/80-19 tire with a 44U rating, compared to the 90/90-21 43T tire on the V-Strom 800DE.

Examining the differences between the V-Strom 1050DE and V-Strom 1050 gives us an idea what to expect for the V-Strom 800.

The Swiss data also lists a length of 88.8 inches (3.5 inches shorter than the DE version), a 59.6-inch wheelbase (vs. 61.8 inches), as well as a width of 35.6 inches (compared to 38.3 inches on the V-Strom 800DE), which mirrors the differences between the larger 1050 models. The data also lists the new variant as being 1.8 inches taller, which suggests a taller windscreen.

The new variant is also listed at a weight of 298 kg, including the weight of a 75 kg rider. That translates to a curb weight of 492 pounds, or about 15 pounds lighter than the DE model. With these changes, the V-Strom 800 is rated at a top speed of 119 mph, which is a smidge faster than the V-Strom 800DE’s claimed 118 mph top speed.

We expect an announcement from Suzuki in the next few days. Get out your scorecards and see how much we got right.

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

Dennis has been a part of the team since 2008, and through his tenure, has developed a firm grasp of industry trends, and a solid sense of what's to come. A bloodhound when it comes to tracking information on new motorcycles, if there's a new model on the horizon, you'll probably hear about it from him first.

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  • Matt Matt on Jun 30, 2023

    I agree Suzuki has value and performance. I like the TFT display and adjustable shocks. I don’t understand how a taller seat height will pair with the street version and the other way around. As much as I want to put out my money for this bike which looks slightly better, I want to wait for the Honda Transalp 750.

  • Ted Ted on Aug 01, 2023

    I think this is a good move for Suzuki. The 80/20 market has been well served by the Wee Strom which needed an update. Now we will have to see I they have somehow come to their senses and included cruise. If so, Im interested.