Moto Morini Announces Calibro Middleweight Cruiser Staff
by Staff
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moto morini announces calibro middleweight cruiser

On October 10, 2023, Moto Morini introduced the Calibro, a new “custom” motorcycle designed to cater to a large swath of riders while allowing them to embrace their unique personality. The Calibro represents Moto Morini's reentry into the custom motorcycle market, offering a unique design aimed at style-conscious, youth-focused riders with a distinctive "American" look.

Following its expansion into California, Moto Morini embarks on this project that breaks away from the typical cruiser motorcycle standards. The Calibro is a product of the European Style Centre, based in Trivolzio (PV), conceptualized and designed by Moto Morini's Italian team.

The name Calibro, or Caliber in English, encapsulates the essence of this new Moto Morini motorcycle: a bike that strikes a balance between everyday life and the true spirit of motorcycling.

moto morini announces calibro middleweight cruiser

Calibro boasts modern and muscular aesthetics while maintaining a modest size and weight making it ideal for daily commuting and city riding. Its modern lines and distinct features provide ample room for customization based on individual rider preferences.

The parallel twin-cylinder engine, a staple of the Morini range, has been reworked to deliver a pleasurable riding experience, smooth operation, and easy maintenance. The relaxed cruiser riding position can be customized by adjusting the footrests to match the rider's style.

moto morini announces calibro middleweight cruiser

Calibro's suspension setup strives for agility and precision. The steel double-cradle chassis accommodates tubeless aluminum wheels, and the rear twin shock absorbers complement the Calibro's classic design.

The spacious seat, with removable rear section, features contrasting stitching and an optional rear shell to enhance aesthetics. The seat height is set at 28.3 in. for comfort.

Analog and digital displays provide information, including fuel level and gear indicator. Ergonomically designed handlebar, levers, and switchgears are said to enhance the tactile experience.

The Calibro will be available in both full power and limited 35 kW versions, catering to A2 license holders. The fuel-efficient engine makes it an ideal companion in a variety of situations.

moto morini announces calibro middleweight cruiser

Various accessories will be offered to tailor the Calibro to each rider's specific needs and ensure a comfortable yet attractive look during long journeys.

Moto Morini's Calibro, with its unique character, enters the mid-range cruiser segment as an option that should appeal to a wide swath of motorcyclists. Staff Staff

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  • David K David K on Oct 13, 2023

    Wow, a lot of competition in the growing middle weight class. Both standards and cruisers.

  • Marty Marty on Oct 13, 2023

    Looks like a rebadged Honda Rebel.