Whatever: Hate Conquers All

Polarization is all over the news lately; there seems to be plenty of hate in many of the good people on both sides for the people on the other side, as the Black Lives Matter discussion – among other hot-button topics – continues to swirl. And there’s never been any better topic on MO, if the goal is to stir the pot, than Harley-Davidson. Saaay, why not combine the two?

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Whatever: The Off-Season

It’s 76 degrees here today in SoCal as I sit processing words on the patio, but the sun’s low on the southern horizon and only a few rays make it through the trees this time of year. The days are starting to get a little longer, but not long enough for me to find much time to ride lately. I feel guilty there’s a new Suzuki GSX-S1000Z in the garage I’ve barely ridden even though we’ve had plenty of perfect days the last couple weeks. I hate to write it out loud, but I’m beginning to miss the kind of winters where you hibernate in your basement for a few months. Rest up for the spring and polish your crankshaft. Make like Peter Egan with the hot toddies in the garage. Out here, if you’re not out riding your motorcycle or pedalling your bicycle or doing hot yoga or something stupid healthy, you’re a malingerer. Have a nice day!

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Whatever: The Grim Reaper