#5 – Triumph Bonneville


Most anything that associates one with the King of Cool, be it a Great Escape-era bomber jacket, Towering Inferno-era sideburns, or the Scene That Launched A Thousand Schwinns, is hipster gold, baby. The iconic Bonnie was never the smoothest or the most reliable, but few motorcycles have aged this gracefully, recently re-confirmed in our review of the latest Thruxton. Real enthusiasts know that much of that reverence is due to the brand’s new-millennium renaissance. After all, without Triumph’s rebirth, the Bonneville’s reputation would still be buried in the same time capsule as BSAs and Arthur Fonzarelli. Sure, it’s tremendously easy to poke fun at hipsters, but we can’t fault fair-weathered fans for loving an old-school Trumpet, be it a McQueen-era TT or any of the Bonnie’s current forms. To see the breadth of the hipster movement associated with Bonnevilles, we heartily encourage a Google image search for “Triumph hipsters.”