#1 – Any 1970s-era Honda CB


Leading the charge in the fashion-focused hipster moto-infestation are inexpensive little beater bikes that are easy to find, simple to work on, and a kick to ride. Yes, friends, “rat style” has given way to “brat style.” We chose the Honda for this list because it’s clearly the most popular, but any UJM from the 70s and early 80s surely qualifies. In fact, any CB will do. It doesn’t matter if it’s 350 or the 750, the ’71 or the ’82; as long as it’s been rebuilt (usually by someone else) and restored (even hipsters know how to buy a replacement part) to either cherry original or blacked-out in checkered Ace Café homage, brat bikes are all the rage among the occupationally-challenged. Initially, this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing; brat bikes turned authentic but small-time shops like Dime City Cycles into big-time parts houses and brought a measure of notoriety to hardcore café aficionados like Steve “Carpy” Carpenter. But the downside is that the prevalence of these affordable brats has given even the lowliest of hipster midges the economic freedom to bug us from all sides. And until someone invents a repellent (or a hipster swatter), there’s nothing to do but ignore them and hope they go away.