Suzuki-Powered Mobility Scooter Out-Races Nissan Skyline

Garage Insanity's Katana-powered mobility scooter

Garage Insanity claims its Suzuki-powered mobility scooter can reach a theoretical top speed of 140 mph.

We hear about a lot of projects with motorcycle engines swapped into other kinds of vehicles. But none are as strange as the Suzuki Katana-powered mobility scooter produced by Garage Insanity.

The aptly-named garage claims the 600cc I-4 engine can propel the mobility scooter to a theoretical top speed of 140 mph, though in practice, it’s only been clocked at 102.2 mph. But allow us to re-iterate: it’s a freakin’ mobility scooter!

To demonstrate the mobility scooter’s performance, Garage Insanity brought it out to a drag strip to race against a number of cars including a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T. The Skyline is a fine automobile, but the mobility scooter makes mincemeat out of it, as the video below shows.

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