3. Doing Lines


Remember that Shiny Stuff from earlier? Yeah, well it goes double for painted lines and tar snakes (black asphalt used to fill cracks in the road). Life as a motorcyclist would be grand if we only rode on FIM-approved race tracks and FIA paint lines. Those substances are super-grippy, even when wet. However, we ride in the real world and chances are that any line you encounter on your ride will offer significantly less grip that the pavement next to it. If that painted line or tar snake happens to be wet (or very hot in the case of a tar snake) then it is guaranteed to offer almost zero traction. This means about the same as antifreeze or motor oil … DON’T TRUST IT! Try to cross the lines at an angle, as close to straight-up as you can, and by all means, relax those brakes right before you cross.