7. Sloppy Seconds


One man’s crash can be another motorcyclist’s literal dead-end. Following a more experienced/faster rider can, under the right circumstances, help a rider to develop their skills. However, fighting to keep a faster rider in-sight is simply a recipe for disaster. What will frequently happen is that the following rider will end-up being led into a corner faster than they are prepared to deal with it, or into a decreasing-radius corner at a speed that doesn’t leave enough margin for their skill level to deal with. Hopefully, there won’t be an oncoming car, Armco, boulder or cliff at the outside of that corner when it happens.

Another following peril: SUVs are great for hauling kids to junior Pilates classes and of course venturing far-afield into exotic locations like the gravel parking lot behind the local Baptist church. They do however suck at letting a following rider scan the road/cars ahead. Bottom line? When a motorist’s vision is obscured, they run a high chance of plowing into stopped vehicles right after the vehicle they were following makes a last-second evasive maneuver. What to do? Maintain a safe following distance at all times, especially when following large vehicles that you can’t see over/through. Expect to be surprised.