1. Designated Crasher


This one should be well and truly beaten into all of our heads by now. Drinking and riding, or otherwise riding under the influence, is just about the dumbest thing you can do on a bike. Some of you may say: “Yeah but I’ll only be hurting myself” Wrong. At moderate speeds, a narrow motorcycle can simply devastate the interior of a car if it hits at the right (wrong) angle. You might even be thrown over the car entirely and assuming you are wearing gear (doubtful if you’re stupid enough to drink and ride in the first place) you could even escape unscathed. Meanwhile your 4+ gallons of tank/gasoline has just detonated inside the right-rear window, turning the incident into a horrific scene for a former family of four. Sorry to play nanny on this one, but it has to be said. A drunk motorcyclist is as much danger to the rest of society as any other drunk driver.