2. Don’t Be a Drag!


This one starts out as a little fun, and frequently ends-up as a little time spent in-traction. Scraping the peg feelers can be rewarding for novice to intermediate riders that are beginning to explore the finer points of cornering. But don’t get too cocky! There is a fine line between a few sparks and a whole lot of sparks, and the latter is very bad. While stock pegs and floorboards fold, eventually something hard is going to touch down, and if you don’t or can’t immediately lessen your lean angle, that hard part is going to start levering your rear and/or front contact patches away from the pavement. How do you know when you’ve reached that point? Most of the time you don’t … not until you low- or worse high-side. Pay attention kids, this one catches all sorts of riders out, myself included.