7. Illicit Street Racing

Police Car Lights

Photo courtesy Scott Davidson

It’s a story as old as human social interaction: Whenever there is a large gathering of people, someone eventually needs to prove that he really is better than someone else. In the case of Bike Week, we can think of no better example of this phenomenon than the late-night, illegal street racing that takes place every year on the backroads outside of Daytona Beach. These guys have smack talk down to a science, negotiating everything from who gets to start first to how long the race will be. Even if you don’t get to see any racing itself, you can spend a great evening watching this unusual form of moto-courtship.

The challenge for newbies is finding where the street racers are gathering. Because it is more than a little bit illegal, the participants don’t advertise where they’ll be organizing their free-form racing. First, there’s the whole going 150 mph on public roads – in the pitch black dark. Next, there’s the whole gambling component that fuels street racing. If you do catch up with the street racing carnival, try not to act/look like a cop.