John Doe – “Beer, Gas, Ride Forever”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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We can probably agree on the title “Beer, Gas, Ride Forever.” John Doe, one of the founders of the famed LA punk band X, starred in the film Roadside Prophets for which this song plays over the opening credits.

The quizzical movie follows Doe aboard his ‘57 Harley-Davidson Panhead on a quest to bury a friend’s remains in the legendary city of El Dorado. Along the way Doe takes on a sidekick, Beastie Boys frontman, Adam Horowitz, riding a clapped out, old Triumph. Humorous cameo appearances include Arlo Guthrie (see #4), Timothy Leary, David Carradine, John Cusack and Flea.

The song speaks the ubiquitous understanding among motorcyclists of escaping hardship aboard two wheels: “Never had kids, lost my wife/All I got left is this damn motorcycle.” The blue collar tune is classic Americana music and lyrics, and when you boil motorcycling down to the essentials – Beer, Gas, Ride Forever – what more do you need?