Top 10 Motorcycle Songs Feature

Both music and motorcycles appeal to us on a visceral level. They seem to reach down below the thought and behavior that makes us human. Instead, they appeal to our baser side, the side of ourselves that we often lack complete control over. Perhaps this is why so many motorcycle songs have a more hard-nosed rock-n-roll vibe.

So, in our efforts to explore what we (actually, I, the author of this list) think are the ten best motorcycle songs, we laid out some rules. First, the song had to be explicitly about motorcycles, thus ruling out plenty of great road anthems. Second, and perhaps most importantly, none of the songs could be “Born to be Wild” from the Easy Rider soundtrack.

Why eliminate an all-time great rock song? Simple. Everybody knows it – even non-riders. With this list, we hope to expose every reader to at least a few great motorcycle songs that they have never heard.

So, without further ado, here are the Top Ten Motorcycle Songs that aren’t “Born to be Wild.”