6. Webers – Orillia, Ontario, Canada


Canada is a large country north of the United States from which MO paychecks and Labatt Blue originate. From what we gather, Highway 11 is sort of its Route 66 (and Gordon Lightfoot its Bob Dylan), looping northwestward from Toronto, Ontario around the top of the Great Lakes to transport you all the way to the Minnesota border, should you choose to go there, singing The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald inside your helmet the whole way. Webers was started up in 1963, and you can see by the line here how popular its charcoal-grilled burgers have become. On a busy Friday, they move up to 8000 burgers a day, we’re told, and a footbridge had to be installed to keep southbound Canucks from zombie-walking through the northbound lanes to get their ground beef fix. Three retired Canadian National Railway passenger cars house Weber’s in-house meat processing department; you can sit in the other two and eat your burger. If you’re not satisfied, you know what to do. Blame Canada.

Webers is also located at the base of cottage country for city dwellers down south in Toronto. It’s an area rich with lakes and roads that wind around them, making for some sweet riding. Head north on Highway 11 to Huntsville and you can connect to the Highlands Loop motorcycle tour, part of which takes you east through Algonquin Provincial Park to Pembroke, south through Renfrew and Arnprior, putting you within striking distance of the nation’s capital – Ottawa. To do this tour justice, you should budget a few days to complete.