6. Yuasa Smart Shot 900 Battery Charger, $40

Yusa Smart Shot Charger

Unfortunately, not all of us live in a place that has a year-round riding season. Or maybe you’re just lucky enough to have more than one motorcycle which leaves one of your mounts unridden for a while. Whatever the case, every day that your bike sits unused is an opportunity for its battery to lose some of its charge. Heat and/or cold only exacerbate the problem. Since overcharging is even more harmful to batteries than the gradual erosion of charge, you don’t want to hook your battery up to just any old charger and forget about it. The Yuasa Smart Shot 900 Battery Charger is smart enough to know when to deliver 900 mA to safely charge your bike’s battery and when to let things be. After testing the battery to see if it is low, the charger applies 14.4 volts while constantly monitoring the battery’s state of charge. Once the charge is complete, the Smart Shot applies a float charge to the battery to prevent it from losing charge. When the spring thaw finally arrives, your bike’s battery will be ready as you are to go for a ride. Find out more at the Yuasa website.