9. Canyon Dancer Bar Harness, $30

Canyon Dancer Bar Harness

Every rider has to transport their bike at some point, and while you can just use a set of tie downs, having a fool-proof way of securing your motorcycle to your truck or trailer is a real stress reliever. The Canyon Dancer is one of those simple but ingenious products that has been around for years and provides proof that if a product does one thing — and does it well — it can become quite popular.

Constructed of extremely strong polyester webbing, the Canyon Dancer wraps around both grips and helps keep tie-down straps away from your bike’s bodywork. The beauty of the device is that the strap pulls on the grip on the opposite side of the bike, so it secures itself to the bike and compresses the suspension for easy transport. The updated Canyon Dancer II uses polycarbonate cups to hook over the grips to minimize the chance of the grips being scrunched by the forces exerted while compressing the front suspension. Both come in red, blue or black and can be ordered in sizes up to 39 in. handlebar width for the original Canyon Dancer and 40 in. for the Canyon Dancer II. See the Canyon Dancer website for purchasing information.