2. Brough Superior SS100, About $67,800


In recent years, the legendary Brough Superior brand was probably best known for the high six-figure prices vintage models have received at auction. But that’s about to change, with the new Brough Superior SS100 revealed at EICMA.

A mix of contemporary performance and classic styling, the SS100 is powered by a 997cc 88-degree V-Twin engine claiming 100 hp and 88 ft-lb. The chassis consists of a steel and titanium tubular trellis frame with a Duolever-like Fior fork design. The brakes are also unique, featuring four small-diameter front brake discs made of an aluminum-ceramic composite and designed to resemble a classic drum.

Unfortunately, the SS100 won’t be ready for production until 2015, but that should give you enough time to save up for the next holiday season. Company reps tell us to expect a price tag approaching $70,000. That might sound like a lot until you price out an original Brough, which sell well into the six-figure range.