Top 5 Winter Olympic Sports Parrallel Motorcycle Racing

Every other year dozens of countries attempt to set aside geopolitical, ethnic, religious, and cultural differences in order to gather in one host nation so that a select few citizens from each nation may participate in that spectacle of sport known as the Olympics.

With the world’s eyes currently focused on Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Winter Olympics, wide-ranging media coverage is dominated by headlines telling of athletes’ triumphs and trials. Everywhere you turn, news from the Sochi Olympics is there.

As motorcycle enthusiasts we couldn’t help but notice how several of the speed-related, timing-clock-driven Winter Olympic events mirror various forms of motorcycle competition.

Here are five events from Sochi that got our two-wheeled hearts racing.

(Apologies to hockey nuts, figure skating fans, and curling buffs: we didn’t see any parallels to motorbike racing. As soon as someone organizes the first motorcycle demolition derby we’ll pair it to hockey and add ‘em to this list in 2018.)