It was a cool, Fall morning when we filmed the opening sequence of our Battle of the 125c Ankle Biters video, but running around a children’s playground in full leathers and a helmet is still hot work – especially when the director/editor, James Martinec, demands three or more takes of the same sequence. The end result was worth all the sweating as the video captures the true side of MO – a bunch of adult-size children who long ago threw away any hopes of a real career for the opportunity to ride motorcycles as a way of earning a living.

All too often these shootouts get so serious about which bike is better and why, and sometimes we lose sight of the fun factor. That was nearly impossible with this group of Grom-size minis. While we did shake ’em down, fill out a Scorecard and proclaim a winner, I don’t think we had more fun doing so on any other shootout this year, and fun is the reason for doing this in the first place. –Tom Roderick, Content Editor

Tom wasn’t the only one who loved this MO video. Troy was mightily peeved when he found out that Tom had claimed this video as his favorite. Also, even though he wasn’t actually there for the shoot, our Editorial Director, Sean Alexander, says this one feels like MO was always supposed to feel… It’s fun yet informative, irreverent yet relevant. Sean wishes they could all feel like this one.