About a year ago Evans Brasfield posted Top 10 Motorcycle Songs. A subjective list if ever there was one, and our readership responded with suggestions of their own. The retaliation of suggested nominees for inclusion in Evans’ list of Top 10 spans from legitimate to you gotta be kidding me, but all are valuably entertaining.

It’s kinda sad that between us, we could only come up with 26 motorcycle songs (not including the motorcyclist’s official battle cry; Born to be Wild). Judging from the quality of some of the songs we already have, it’s a quickly degrading ride into obscurity and questionable moto-relevance. So maybe we should leave it well enough alone, but if you’ve another suggestion for a moto-related tune, lay it on us.

To give credit where credit is due, names haven’t been changed – not that most names are real anyway – but at least you know who to call out if you agree or disagree with a certain selection. So, here’s what our readers are listening to in order of original appearance.