More than just rad, this thing was SRAD Suzuki Ram Air Direct. But it was rad, too, a radical departure from the pre-existing GSX-R condition, which was by then heavy and slow. Playing the Schwantz card, the geometry of the new twin-spar frame was said to emulate the RG500 GP bike, with an all-new light and compact 13,500-rpm inline Four housed inside. Relatively inexpensive and bullet-resistant, this one may have been too little too late, as the other manufacturers had already seen the writing on the wall: Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha had mostly given up on further development of their 750s as they sought something capable of keeping up with the Ducati; by 2003, Superbike racing around the world was letting 1000cc Fours into the mix. None of that takes away from Mat Mladin’s three AMA Superbike championships on the 750, 1999 through 2001, and none of it takes away from the fact that the current GSX-R750 is still the 750 to have. Because it’s the only one you can have.

MO’s original test, by Andy Saunders, is here.