Honda had been cranking out 750 V-Fours since 1983, to lesser or greater effect: This ’94 (thru ’97) might be the greatest, the last generation before the 750 became the fuel-injected VFR800 in ’98, gaining weight and complexity. The ’94 still had carburetors feeding its V-Four, with gear-driven cams that gave the thing a cool whirring noise that went well with the NACA ducts in the sides to give a Starship Enterprise effect. Which made sense, really, since this one almost didn’t make the list by dint of being more sport-tourer than sportbike, a great traveler in classic Honda big-umbrella style. The VFR wasn’t as fast as the other bikes here around a closed circuit, but it was a magical-handling one on the road, with a perfect balance of velvety smooth power, comfort and control. Honda’s RC30 is high on the collectible list; the VFR750F was the poor man’s version, sharing identical bore-and-stroke numbers in its engine (no Ti connecting rods, sorry), single-sided swingarm, and other bits.