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December 11, 2014
| On 8 years ago

Top 11 MotoGP/500cc Manufacturers By Race Wins

In the 65-year history of motorcycle Grand Prix racing there’s been a total of 815 premier class races: 580 500cc class races and 235 MotoGP class races. Of the 16 manufacturers that have won premier-class races, the manufacturer in the #1 spot in this list has won 32% of the total 815 races. The second-place finisher has won 25% of all races, while third place has won 17%. Possibly more interesting is that the third-place finisher in this list hasn’t won a race since 1976.

With Suzuki returning to MotoGP for 2015, hopefully it can add to its tally of 11% of total races won. What also would really be great is for Aprilia (also returning in 2015) to begin amassing its own number of premier-class race wins. The Italian OEM already has a great record in the 250cc class, winning 143 of 716 (20%) of total races run in that series.

Let’s begin, however, with a four-way tie between some manufacturers you’ve probably never heard of, each with a single premier-class victory.