9. General Lubrication


When riders think of a moving part on their motorcycle, it’s usually of the grand gestures: the engine, the chain, the wheel bearings. However, there’s a whole slew of lesser players that impact your bike’s performance on a ride. Consider the lowly shifter pivot. How many times do you shift gears on a single ride? Or maybe the brake and clutch lever pivots? While you’re there, lube the clutch and throttle cables before giving their ends a dab of grease, too. Just for yucks, check to see that the steering head bearings allow lock-to-lock operation without grinding, notches, or binding. If you find any of these, a bigger project lies in your future. Then there are the pieces that just show your motorcycle that you care. A quick squirt of WD-40 in the footpeg pivots and a dab of grease on the sidestand (and center stand if you have one) pivot will up your moto-karma significantly.