10. Ride a good bike with good tires


T10 Ways to Ride Like a Deity-

It doesn’t have to be a new motorcycle, but everything needs to work like it did when new. Riding a motorcycle anywhere near its limits is an exercise in fine control movements, and you can’t make fine adjustments to your motorcycle’s controls through stictiony cables and levers and a sticky throttle. That goes for your suspension, too: It needs to be able to absorb bumps and ripples without continuing to bounce up and down for another 50 yards, or be on the verge of a gigantic tankslapper because your fork tubes have been bent since 1989. Your chain needs to be not too tight or too loose. Basically, make sure everything’s bolted tight and doing what it’s supposed to do. You don’t need lots of horsepower to go fast on our favorite roads, but you will appreciate a predictable powerband with no flat spots or sudden spikes of power. And nothing will perk up your bike like a pair of fresh tires. Something in a nice sport or sport-touring compound, like a Dunlop Q3 or Pirelli SuperCorsa, will give the best compromise between plenty of grip and long life.