10. Honda VFR1200F, 2010-current


Like all professionals, we motojournalists have our categories into which things must fit: Sportbike, cruiser, sport-tourer, etc. When a motorcycle doesn’t really slot into one of them, we get confused, frightened, and lash out. Honda has a history of building things that don’t fit the mold. Sometimes they really do lose their way and build things like the DN-01 and NM-4 (which came close to making sense until they filled all its large storage compartments with small storage compartments). The Pacific Coast still gets laughed at; I’d still like to have one.

Anyway, the VFR1200F was too sporty to be a sport-tourer and too toury to be the new VFR1000RR everybody’d been (and still are) pining for – and $15K seemed like a lot of money at the time. Heck, Honda still wants to sell you a new VFR1200F for $15,999 ($17,499 for the DCT version). But you don’t have to look hard to find a lightly broken-in one for around $7K. That’s a price point which makes much more sense for a bike with a creamy-smooth 1237cc, 142-hp-at-the-road, ride-by-wire V-Four with shaft drive, and that could be custom-tailored into a helluva great commuter/sport-tourer/whatever-you-need-it-to-be motorcycle with just a couple of well-chosen upgrades, which the guy you’re taking advantage of may have already done. Beat him up more if he hasn’t had the driveshaft issue fixed yet! Eat the rich!

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Bonus footage: Orthodontists are practically giving their older VFR800s away these days for <$3k to make room for a new Africa Twin. An all-time great bike.