8. Yamaha FJ-09

2015 Yamaha FJ-09 From the moment I saw Yamaha’s FZ-09 in person, at its launch in San Francisco, I knew its story was only beginning. The bike didn’t look finished, especially up front, where the headlight looked like it was bolted on as an afterthought. There were bolts covering threaded holes which served no purpose on the FZ, but looked fairly obvious they could be used for other iterations of the bike. Those assumptions have come true in the FJ-09, Yamaha’s budget sport-tourer.

2014 EICMA: 2015 Yamaha FJ-09 Preview

Take the same 847cc Triple, give it some EFI updates to fix the issues the FZ had, add on dual headlights and its associated fairings, an adjustable windscreen, traction control, ABS, larger tank, centerstand, 12-volt outlet, luggage mounts and a $10,490 price, and this is a bike I can’t wait to put some miles on. Granted, my attention has mostly been steered towards another Yamaha – the R1 and R1M, of course – but the FJ-09 deserves a bit more of the spotlight.