2. BMW R1200R/BMW R1200RS

2015 BMW R1200R/BMW R1200RS I recently had the opportunity to ride the BMW R1200RT, and after only 100 yards past my driveway, I became a huge fan of the new liquid-cooled wasserboxer. It’s a fantastic engine, filled with character and impressive performance. So when BMW announced that engine would make its way to the new R1200R and R1200RS, I thought it would be big news.

Intermot 2014: 2015 BMW R1200R Gets Liquid-Cooled Boxer Engine

That same awesome engine wrapped in athletic gym clothes instead of its formal attire in RT guise (or hiking apparel in GS form) sounded very appealing to me. Both models would make practical commuters, with the ability to rip it on the occasional canyon run. In the case of the RS, a weekend getaway with the wife would be entirely doable as well. It seems to me, however, that the R12R and R12RS have been overshadowed by the heavily updated S1000RR sportbike and S1000XR for 2015. While both bikes are deserving, this is my attempt to bring some attention back to the two Boxers.

Intermot 2014: BMW R1200RS