#6 – Star Motorcycles V Star 1300 Deluxe


No, conspiracy-theorists, I didn’t include Star’s mid-size bagger here just because I wrote the reviews. Rather, the inclusion of the V-D indicates how fully fledged a touring machine this is, and how much it delineates itself from the competition – what there is of it. In our March review, I noted the 1300 Deluxe sits alone in its midsize class, swiping visual cues from larger baggers while maintaining a more manageable price point and curb weight.

In our Light-Heavyweight Mid-Size Touring Cruiser Shootout, the bike didn’t lose a single category; Star’s little bagger blew away the traditional touring-bike contenders by virtue of being rock-solid up and down the Motorcycle.com ScoreCard. The fairing-mounted audio system and Garmin zumo GPS (with XM satellite radio) give the little bagger a further leg up over its contemporaries. Both are standard. Miles and smiles are up to you.