#10 – Triumph Trophy


Kicking off our list is the latest contender in the class. In our September 2012 review of the Trophy, Content Editor Tom Roderick didn’t pull a punch. Instead of shying away from comparing the newest Triumph to its rivals, T-Rod declared the Trophy a “serious luxury-performance tourer” that had “leapfrogged the majority of its competition.”

Bold proclamations to be sure, but Roderick credited the Trophy’s eager 1215cc Triple (the same mill found in the Explorer 1200) and its standard–issue “serious arsenal of electronics,” including ESA, traction control, and non-linked ABS as well as touring-ready accoutrements such as cruise control, multiple 12v power outlets, and electric windshield and headlight adjustment – typically pricey options on other touring machines. Next time we put together this list, expect the Trophy to be closer to the top.