Washing Your Motorcycle

Depending on your perspective, washing your motorcycle is either a great way to spend some quality time with your bike or a chore that prevents you from riding. Either way, the benefits from washing your bike are measurable. First, it’s clean and looks good, providing you with a feeling of pride when you’re out on the road. Second, cleaning your bike protects your bike from the ravages of time. Oxidation never sleeps. Cleaning off harsh road grime and adding protective coatings helps delay its progress. Finally, staying intimately acquainted with your motorcycle can actually help you spot troubles before they develop into something more serious.

As with any activity, there are tips, tricks, and warnings to make the job easier while avoiding things that could damage your bike while you’re trying to protect it. We call that loving your motorcycle to death. So, take a gander at the following tips to see how they could benefit you and your motorcycle during its next bath. If you have any tips of your own, post them in the comments.